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WATCH THIS SPACE will involve the local community in the development of green infrastructure and help the local authority reassure local people and stake holders that green space is not being lost; but created to improve the lives of local residents.

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The Newark Sports Association

Newark Sports Association is a Charitable Community Benefit Society and we have a duty of care to our beneficiaries the local community.  We provide free independent, assistance and support to sports clubs, associations, local authorities, and businesses who want to build develop and manage sports facilities that benefit the local community.

Newark Sports Association Board

The NSA incorporated in May 2012 as a Charitable Community Business Society and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.  The organisation is based democratic principles of one member one vote.  The volunteer Board is elected by the membership and we actively seek representation from the local sports community and from people who have the skills, ability and knowledge to deliver on the NSA’s objectives.

Acting Chairman: Francis Towndrow played football and also managed Zenith FC, currently he assists at the Newark Town FC Club. He also enjoyed and competed in cross-country running. He is passionate about the importance of all sport as a means of bringing people and communities together recognising also the benefits that sport brings for improving both physical and mental wellbeing. He worked as a government advisor and for the United Nations.

Secretary: Paul Baggaley is a passionate supporter of grassroots sport in Newark and is a founder member of the NSA.  He has a background in business but returned to full time education and completed an MA in the Sociology of Sport.  He has worked for Sport England as a case officer, Derbyshire CC as a Project Manager developing community use sports facilities on school sites and as the CEO of a National Governing Body for sport.  Paul holds the Certificate of Social Enterprise Support, and has a great deal of experience in applying for funding from a wide variety of funding bodies.

Director: Adam Dobb, having been born and raised in Newark Adam is keen to support the development of top quality sports facilities locally.  He works in the field of architecture and in 2015 whilst training volunteered his time to help the NSA develop a site masterplan and indicative layout for the sports hub site on Elm Avenue.  Adam intends to use his skills to support the initial design and development of local sports facilities.

Director : Paul Hatherley, Paul has played representative football and cricket for Newark and is committed to the development of Newark sport. He has been Chairman of the Newark Football Alliance, and chaired numerous sub-committees as a council member of the Nottinghamshire Football Association.  Paul believes top quality facilities help people achieve and has always hoped that Newark would attain recognition within the sporting world. Paul founded and was the co-principle of Newark based companies, Hatherley and Smalley, H.S Group Services and subsidiaries (1968-2002) and latterly Hatherley Commercial Services (catering equipment).

Director: Charles Lawrence who established Charles Lawrence Surfaces, a company at the forefront of the artificial sports surfacing industry since 1975.  Charles Lawrence Surfaces are a long standing member of the industry’s trade body, SAPCA.

Director: Dominic O’Callaghan, with a young family Dominic has a vested interest in the improvement of local sports provision for himself and his family. He is particularly interested in cycling and he is an active member and coach of Newark Castle Cycling Club.  Dominic has over twenty five years’ experience as a nationally qualified youth and community worker including fourteen years in Newark as the full time Youth Worker for Nottinghamshire County Council. His various roles have included areas such as staff management, funding and financial management, training, building and premises management amongst other roles.  His main skill however, relate to his knowledge of working with local young people and communities to increase participation and the local provision of excellent sport facilities.

Director: Dave Stuart has been involved with the Newark Sports Association since its inception and was one of the Founder Members. He believes that the NSA should be seen to be representing the interests of the Town’s sports clubs and association and that sports clubs should be represented on the Board.  Dave has been Secretary of Newark Tennis Club for some years, and is keen that the Club fully supports the NSA. He is an executive member of the Communication Workers Union which has some 200,000 members, covering over a hundred different companies.

Free Funding Advice and Support

We have successfully submitted bids to Power to Change and Big Potential and Board members have been involved in submitting successful bids to various lottery funded organisations, NGBs, local authorities and other funding bodies.  With our help we can help you save time so that you can concentrate on your mission.

Newark Sports Association Governance

Being appropriately constituted is key to making successful funding applications, it can help you grow and improve your organisations profile..

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Join Newark Sports Association

Newark Sports Association is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (registration number 31611R) as a Registered Society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014. This means that it is controlled by its Members, each of whom has one vote at a General Meeting.  Between the periodic General Meetings of the Association, the organisation is managed and run by the Directors, who are appointed by the Members.

With membership costing just £10 a year it gives you a say in how the association is run. Subject to a minimum age threshold of 16-years, membership is open to:

  • Individual members of local sports clubs
  • Authorised representatives of local sports clubs
  • Authorised representatives of organisations such as local authorities, schools and businesses
  • Local citizens

To join please complete the form below then click on the ‘Subscribe’ button:

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9th January 2019

The 2017/18 Trustees’ report is now available. To request a copy please email